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Please, Don't Hang Up

People with hearing and speech disabilities use the phone like everyone else – to find out about a product, make an appointment, reach a teacher, call a parent with a birthday party invitation or simply to be neighborly.

Many deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind, and speech-disabled people find that businesses, organizations, and individuals they call through relay are unfamiliar with the relay service. As a result, when the Relay Operator announces the call “This is the Alabama Relay” – the first-time hearing person often hangs up. Although not intentional, the hearing person who is receiving a relay call for the first time often hangs up, thinking that a telemarketer is calling.

If you have experienced a hang-up when placing a relay call, you may go the Hang-up Incident form online to report.

Help Alabama Relay increase awareness and get the message out there about the “Please, Don’t Hang Up” campaign.