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Why Do We Have Relay Services?

Business Opportunities
Relay services increase business opportunities by greatly enhancing accessibility to a largely untapped consumer market, thus increasing potential business revenues and collectable state tax dollars.

Increased Employability
Relay services increase the employability of disabled persons. Previously, many deaf individuals could not get certain jobs because they could not use the telephone. Relay services increase employment and promotional opportunities for both unemployed and currently employed individuals. By increasing these employment opportunities, relay services can help reduce welfare costs and increase the tax base.

Enhanced Quality of Life
Relay services improve the quality of life for all citizens with a hearing loss or speech impairment by:
- Ensuring ongoing telephone access for everyone;
- Increasing freedom and independence;
- Increasing privacy of communication;
- Increasing performance and productivity;
- Improving self image; and
- Improving safety and security.

Real-life Examples of How Relay Services Help the Relay Users Who are Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, Deaf-Blind, and Speech-Disabled.

Relay Service Increases Freedom...

Relay Service Increases Privacy...

Relay Service Increases Independence...

Relay Service Increases the Desire to Succeed...

Relay Service is for Hearing People, too...

This information is from the PUC of Texas website, with revisions